Make Your Business Smile!

by Mat Summers:

Create a lasting first impression with a logo mat for your business.

There is no doubt that having an entrance mat is a high priority for any building or organisation. Entrance mats provide a layer of protection to flooring, trap dirt and moisture keeping entryways clean, as well as acting as a safety barrier reducing slips and trips in the workplace. But sometimes entry mats can look dull and boring, and nobody wants to feel like that when they walk into your building. That’s why we love personalised logo mats. We call them the smile of your business!

First impressions count, right? First dates, job interviews, meeting the parents – so why don’t we think about first impressions when entering your business? Logo mats are the perfect way to provide a warm welcome to your new and existing customers. They can also add some interest to what might be an average looking entryway. With logo mats, you have the freedom to customise and create what you think works best for you. Whether it be bright colours, fun messaging or a simple subtle mat with your logo – the possibilities are endless.


Logo mats not only look great, but they can create brand awareness. Brand awareness is the process of getting your brand in the forefront of the customers mind when they enter the decision process. It’s all about getting the customer to be able to recognise your brand and link it to their needs. To do this we can use logo mats! A door mat is often the first and last thing a customer sees when entering and leaving your building – so why not make it count. The more a customer sees your branding the more familiar they become with it, which is exactly how you start to build up your brand awareness.


Boost Juice Logomat-angle PVC Loop Pile Indoor or Outdoor Custom Printed Logo Mat


Making your business smile isn’t just about having fun printed door mats, functionality also plays a big part in first impressions. Not only are logo mats great to look at and can help create brand awareness, they are also functional. Having a door mat helps to keep the interior of your building clean as it traps dirt and debris from shoes, which helps maintain a clean environment. As well as keeping floors clean, door mats reduce the amount of moisture being walked through the door which helps to reduce slips and trips.

Overall, we believe that having a logo mat in your business is essential. Having an entryway that is fun and inviting as well as leading into a clean and safe space is crucial in creating a lasting first impression for your customers. To find out more about logo mats and to order yours today visit 

Commonwealth Bank High Traffic Inlaid Berber Logo Mat (2)


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