Why wasn't this invented earlier?

by Mat Summers:

End Shoplifting Today and save Australian Households money. 

Sick and tired of shoplifting? Mat Shop has come up with the answer. Shoplifting costs the Australian household (Yes that’s you and me!) more than $ 424.00 per year, according to the Global Theft Barometer. That number is increasing every year.

So how does this revolutionary prouct work? When your staff notice a slinky character put that piece of merchandise in his or her jacket, under their shirt or in their backpack and head for the door… simply line them up on the Zap Mat and hit the Zap Mat activator located discreetly under the counter and “ZAP” they are caught on the Zap Mat and frozen there until support arrives allowing shop owners to recover the goods saving Aussie households money.

The benifit for the Shoplifter? They walk away with a smoking hairdo!

Order yours today at www.matshop.com.au/zap-mat