Using a Flooring Solution At Your Event to Launch a New Product

by Mat Summers:

How to create events and exhibitions that are remembered and visited (7).jpgLaunching a new product is never an easy process, especially with digital marketing being overtly competitive. It's worth remembering, though, that offline marketing never really dies. If you think you've mastered the ability to attract a targeted demographic through social media or your website, take some time to explore what's possible directly in your store.

Using a flooring solution to launch a new product is one of the most effective because it can capture customers in the moment. You may think of mats as being something you only use in your home to welcome visitors. These are actually extremely useful in a store like yours since they're in perfect alignment to catch a customer's eye.

When launching a product in-store, there isn't any better way to attract people to what you're selling. It's because you can use your mat like a canvas to place logos and colourful graphics on the surface.

Many mats aren't just made to use indoors either. You'll find a lot of amazing uses for these in places you wouldn't expect.

Placing Your New Product's Logo on the Mat Surface

It's possible to place a richly textured logo directly on the mat's surface that no visitor can miss. For launching a new product, it gives instant recognition toward branding. Since products frequently have to rely on a standout logo to bring some familiarity, this is the best way to get things started.

A well-made indoor mat won't slide around near the entrance to your business. Since most customers usually have their eyes trained down to the floor when first entering, they won't miss seeing your mat. By placing it directly in their floor path, they'll immediately assimilate the logo you've created.

Yet, what more can you place on these? Thanks to improved printing technology, you can actually place a detailed and colour image of your new product to attract first-time visitors.

Adding a Colour Image

By moulding a color image into your flooring solution, you're able to provide visitors with a detailed image of the new product you're launching. This automatically saves you money since you won't have to spend a fortune on in-store signage to attract people.

Using nitrile rubber, you already have great surface quality to print on. It's going to give you amazing clarity, presenting every detail of the product. Setting this strategically in a place where customers walk sets the imagery into their minds.

Don't forget about colour use, however, since it's a vital part of branding a product. You'll obviously want as much choice as possible since consumer reactions to colour are still a major psychological pull. Be sure to choose your colours wisely and connect them to your overall brand mission.

Using Mats Outdoors

Don't think all mats have to stay relegated to indoor environments. Many are available now that work well outdoors. Placing a mat outside your store's entrance is one of the best things you can do when launching something new.

Colours on mats look completely vibrant, whether indoors or out. Also, mats hold up well in inclement weather, so there isn't any worry if you live in an overly rainy climate.

In fact, many people may use your mat to keep their feet dry in the middle of a rainstorm. With different textures available, you can make these flooring solutions useful in more ways than one.

A bright image of your new product (and its name) sets everything up to bring consumer curiosity. Fortunately, mats provide more than enough space to tell a customer where to find your new product on the shelves.

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