Tips to Improve the Aesthetic Value of Your Building

by Mat Summers:

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Most property owners want to avoid spending money when possible. A few people take this notion to the extreme. They perceive maintenance and upkeep as a drain on their profit, rather than as an investment in the property. Some owners will ignore the maintenance of their premises until the impact of doing so is too obvious to ignore. You should not wait until things become unbearable before you invest in maintaining your building. No one wants to spend time in an unpleasant environment. If you manage an apartment complex, tenants will vacate your building. If you operate an office tower, your clients will look for space elsewhere. You can avoid this by keeping your properties well-maintained and clean. Here are some tips on maintaining the appearance of buildings.

Focus on the Exterior

The first thing people see when they visit your property is the exterior of the building. They will quickly form a poor opinion if it looks displeasing. Some individuals will not even enter if it does not look inviting. Cleaning is the first step. You can start by washing windows, removing any graffiti on the walls, and replacing broken windowpanes. Moreover, consider investing in exterior lighting. This helps to increase visibility when night falls. It also enhances the beauty and safety of your building.

Pay Attention to the Lobby

Tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people will walk through your lobby each month, depending on the size and purpose of your building. That means your lobby floor is vulnerable to wear and tear. So, it is crucial to invest in surface restoration. Cleaning the floor regularly to remove dirt, mud, and other debris is also necessary. Remember that the lobby is normally the first place people get an impression of the inside of your building. Decorate it with a few seasonal plants, an artistic painting on one of the walls, or an indoor waterfall. These decorations will impress your visitors, tenants, and clients.

Do Not Forget the Elevator

People always remember the elevator ride in a particular building, especially if it was an unpleasant ride. Invest in your elevators as much as possible. For example, a glass elevator, where people can see the adjacent building or the lobby, creates an interesting and exciting experience for elevator riders. Replace any cab lights inside the elevator that do not work. You should also make sure that the ventilation system works properly because stuffy elevators are uncomfortable and unhygienic. Pay the same kind of attention to your stairs, especially if your building does not have an elevator. A well-lit staircase is vital for safety. Keep it clear of debris and ensure there is sufficient railing,

The Rest of the Building Matters

Offices should have clean carpets, fresh paint, and a working HVAC system. The design of the office should reflect the needs of your clients. Many companies are looking for open spaces with lots of natural lighting. Individual and collaborative workspaces are also popular today. Consider your color scheme. Bright colors inspire confidence. Dull colors are depressing. The details matter. It may seem insignificant, but people notice the little things.

Maintenance is not only important for the aesthetic value of your building, but it also helps avoid damage. Dirt, grime, and debris are unattractive. However, more importantly, they can cause serious damage over time. Additionally, insects and rodents are attracted to filth. Investing in the cleanliness of your property will likely save you money in the future. Take the appearance of your building seriously. It will have a  significant impact on your profit and success as a building owner or manager.

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