The Benefits of Using Chair Mats at Your Desk

by Mat Summers:

 using Chair Mats at your desk.jpgYou've likely seen chair mats at the desks of office workers and in hotels, but may not have realized just how important they are. Even those who use them at work tend to accept them as just another part of the interior decor. Despite this, the unassuming chair mat actually serves several important purposes. Therefore, if you have a desk without a mat, you should be sure to add one right away. Here are a few of the benefits you'll see:

Chair Mats Reduce Fatigue

People don't stay perfectly still while sitting at desks. They need to be able to roll their chairs to reach distant items, and most will unconsciously do this all day long. They also need to get up occasionally, which involves rolling the chair back far enough to allow their exit. When it's time to sit down again, the chair has to be pulled back up to the edge of the desk.

All of these motions are harder when the chair has to be forced through carpeting. Therefore, strain and fatigue are common. If you've ever wondered why you're so tired after a day of "just sitting at your desk," this is the reason.

To keep this from happening, put one of our chair mats under your desk. It provides a smooth, hard surface for your chair's casters and makes motion much easier. Working at your desk will then be as easy as it should be.

Mats Protect the Flooring

If you have carpeting, you've probably already thought of the wear that your chair's casters put on its fibers. You are correct that carpet needs protection from this wear. If you have tile, you might think that the floor is tough enough to handle a chair rolling over it. Alas, this is not the case. The constant, concentrated force of a chair rolling in a small area will wear out tile over time. If the floor is vinyl or linoleum, the pressure may even cause dents or grooves!

Because of this, chair mats should be used to protect both carpet and tile flooring. Then, the space under the chair will stay looking great. If you ever move your desk, it won't expose a damaged spot that would spoil the new look.

Our Chair Mats Let the Floor Show Through

One of the biggest issues people have with typical matting is that it blocks the view of the floor. We know that you want to be able to see your floor even while it's protected from your chair. To make sure that you can, we make our mats as clear as possible. They do not detract from your decor at all.

Our Mats Are Made of Pure PVC

It may come as a surprise, but mats made of economical and even toxic materials can put off tremendous odors. These are especially problematic in confined areas like homes and private offices. We've made sure to avoid these smelly plastics. Our chair mats are made of pure PVC, which is a form of vinyl. They have no strong odors and are completely safe even in the smallest spaces.

We Cover Our Chair Mats with a Four-Year Warranty

Inferior mats have short or no warranties and equally-short lifespans. We've made sure that our chair mats are very durable, and we cover them with a long warranty to back them up. Our warranty is four long years - much longer than that of the cheap versions.

There's no doubt that every desk chair should have a mat under it. Chair mats make it easy to move your chair, protect the flooring from wear, and our clear ones don't detract from your decor. With our products' PVC construction and long warranty, there's also no doubt about which ones to get. Shop at Mat Shop to get the best possible chair mats for your office area.

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