Keeping Up Appearances: Tips to Keep Your Storefront Looking Great

by Mat Summers:

Maintaining the appearance of buildings.jpgThe very first thing your customers see when they visit your place of business is your entryway. Whether you are a retail store, office, or restaurant, you will want this part of your building to give the very best impression possible. For this reason, regular cleaning and maintenance to your storefront is a must. 

Unfortunately, many business owners neglect to keep up with their storefronts, leaving them dirty, bare, and uninviting. However, your place of business does not need to be one of those less-than-appealing places to visit.

In fact, by following the tips below, you can ensure you have one of the best-looking storefronts on the block.

Pay Attention

Too often, we fail to really stop and look at the things we see on a daily basis. Therefore, the front of our workplace is never really looked at for flaws. This can be disastrous for business, as people are less likely to visit a place that appears dirty or unkempt on the outside.

Therefore, it is important to make a point of viewing your storefront from the customer's point of view at least once a week. This will allow you to see the things that could use repair of cleaning before they get out of hand.

Provide Tools

Often, employees neglect to carry out certain tasks due to a lack of tools or training. By providing your staff with the proper tools to clean and maintain your storefront and offering them training on how to do it properly, you will likely see an improvement in their maintenance skills.

In order to give comprehensive instructions on how to keep the storefront looking great, you may need to do the job yourself a few times and take step-by-step notes that can then be shared with the other members of your team. Make sure to sweep or spray down the ground in front of your door, clean any windows, and dust the corners of the entryway. Your staff will appreciate that you took the time to work in their shoes, and the step-by-step instructions will be helpful in making sure everything is cleaned properly. 

Additionally, if a problem comes up that can't be handled by your team, it is important to call in the help you need and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. These issues might include problems with lighting, broken windows, or a family of bugs that likes to hang out in your entryway.

Ask For Advice

Because you see your storefront everyday, you may find it difficult to really see the place through your customers' eyes. Instead of relying on your opinion alone, consider gathering opinions from customers and other employees. This will give you a look at the area from a few different points of view and help you catch the little problems that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. 

Spruce it Up

Sometimes it isn't enough to have a clean and well-maintained storefront alone. If you are competing against a number of similar businesses, it can be very helpful to have some decor or other items that help catch the eye of potential customers. These items can be potted plants, window paintings, or fun signage, to name a few of the many options.

Great quality outdoor floor mats are also a wonderful way to catch the eyes of passersby in a positive way.


With the use of these tips and little bit of elbow grease, we are confident you will have an amazing looking storefront in no time at all. 

If you are looking for a high-quality floor mat to include in your entryway overhaul, we do hope you will have a look around our store. We have a huge selection of mats to suit every taste, and can even fulfill custom orders!

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