One Simple Technique for Maintaining the Appearance of Your Restaurant

by Mat Summers:

Maintaining the appearance of buildings (4).jpgThe rain has been a torrent for several days now. Management has noticed a lot of muddy footprints coming through the entrance and prospective customers dashing across the street to dine at a competitor's restaurant. The cleaning crew is logging in too many hours trying to keep highly visible areas free from soil and debris. What's a restaurant owner to do?

People who consider dining at your restaurant will often decide to walk through the front door solely based on how your storefront appears to them. Even if you are serving the finest cuisine, prospective customers are going to keep walking and find somewhere else to dine. Don’t forget to maintain the exterior appearance of your restaurant also. From the parking lot until your faithful patrons are seated you want the exterior presentation to reflect the great food and service you provide.

A restaurant, probably more than any other type of business, reveals its true character in its presentation. A building that is in a constant state of disrepair reveals a sense of indifference. If the front of the restaurant is unpresentable, what does that tell you about how the food may come out of the kitchen? A restaurant that takes control of its own unique presentation empowers itself to move beyond external identifications and are free to concentrate on bigger fish in the sea. A restaurant that respects itself is a business that will respect those who walk through its doors.

Do appearances really matter? We all know that they do and even more so when we are considering where to eat. The exterior facade of your restaurant decidedly declares to the world the experience they anticipate and ultimately reveals how you expect to be treated. A simple replacing of your indoor and outdoor entrance mats will vastly improve your restaurants appearance.

Where do restaurants need floor mats? For sure, the front entrance because that is the first area of your business that customers begin deciding if they really want to eat there. Dress that entrance up. Make it sparkle, make it shine. The vestibule is the next place that will need some type of runner. Incorporate your logo on a mat in front of the cashier area. Install “His” and “Hers” mats in front of the restrooms. Don’t forget your staff. They will love you if you can provide mats designed to provide relief for their tired feet. The serving areas, food prep areas, cook line, dishwashing area, vendor entrance, and certainly, you will want to place mats near the door where you gain access to your rubbish bin.

Outdoor Mats - We recommend a highly absorbent reinforced rubber backed mat designed to capture large chunks of dirt and moisture regardless of whether hungry pedestrians wipe their feet or not. Or consider our eco-friendly commercial entrance mat. A clean, well-maintained entrance suggests an interior that is clean, well-kept, and sanitized. Staff and visitors are left feeling warm, secure, and more able to place their trust in the meal they are about to partake. Great presentation instills confidence.

Indoor Mats - After customers step through the doors, you want to see their feet touching down on some type of mat runner designed to catch residual degrees of dirt and debris that the outdoor mat didn't quite remove. The area might be tile, linoleum, hardwood floor, or carpet; but you still want to protect and maintain it no matter what its composition. Your servers and cashiers will appear just as spry and energetic at the end of their shift as they were when they started with an anti-fatigue mat. Designed to cushion and relieve tired, achy, sore muscles in legs and feet. If you want to keep your cooks and dishwashers from slipping around on fats, grease, oil, and water we suggest you provide one of our anti-slip mats

The first impression prospective customers have of you is the most important thing you should manage. You would be surprised at how many restaurants have scruffy looking exteriors, for whatever reason. Simply invest in new indoor and outdoor mats - designed to your specifications - and watch the public come pour through your doors. Learn how to prevent  slips and falls 

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