3 Reasons for Commercial Businesses to Use Eco-Friendly Door Mats

by Mat Summers:

Door Mats .jpgModern consumers are well aware of the world's environmental concerns, and nearly everyone desires to be a good steward toward our environment. This sentiment should be capitalized on by commercial businesses, even if they're not directly selling products or services that are eco-friendly. Let's explore this by looking at 3 reasons for commercial businesses to use eco-friendly door mats.

    • Attract Green Consumers and Employees

    • Affordable and Good Selection

    • Efficient, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Long-Lasting


Attract Green Consumers and Employees

On top of any efforts made by owners, themselves, to be good stewards to the environment, their businesses can reflect this for marketing purposes, as well. What better way to create an eco-friendly statement than with the entrance door mats? This first impression would set the tone and attract eco-friendly customers, residents, workers, partners, etc.

Retail environments, apartment complexes, office complexes, and other commercial buildings, can set themselves apart from similar competition with eco-friendly door mats. Many customers would appreciate this effort, and it would lead to referrals and brand recognition, especially, if accentuated with an eco-friendly sentiment throughout the store or building. Also, businesses would have more traction in attracting employees who have similar sentiments – adding to the eco-friendly atmosphere.

Evidence of the effectiveness of “green marketing” is found in an article on Forbes, called: “3 Marketing Benefits of Supporting Environmental Causes”, written on Jan. 23, 2015 by Steve Olenski. The article explains:

“What you spend trying to be greener can often get you more attention than spending the same amount on producing actual marketing materials and paying to distribute them.”

Affordability and Good Selection

Now that we've established that eco-friendly door mats are helpful for marketing purposes, businesses may think they're expensive and there's not as many options to choose from. Truth is, there's good selection to choose from and they're just as affordable as other door mats. For instance, Mat Shop has these eco-friendly door mats to choose from:

    • Coir Scraper with reinforced edges (made from natural fibers from the coconut husk, sides are reinforced with PVC, comes in natural darker tan coconut husk color)

    • Coir Scraper with Woven Sides (made from coconut fibers with woven sides for no fraying)

    • Premier High Traffic Eco-Friendly Commercial Entrance Matting (heavy-duty reinforced, bi level herringbone pattern, 10mm high surface, dark grey color, super absorbent, made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles spun into durable yarn, rubber backing 20% post-consumer tyres).

    • Environmentally Friendly Cross Hatch Door Mat (made from 100% PET bottles, rubber backing made from reclaimed rubber tyres, different shades of grey and brown color, made for medium traffic areas)

All of these selections come in different sizes and can facilitate any commercial business's door mat needs. The prices are comparable to other door mats, and they're shipped for free manufacture-direct from Mat Shop. In other words, commercial businesses don't have to spend a fortune to be eco-friendly, and the selection of natural, unique, eco-friendly door mats is good.

Efficient, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Long-Lasting

These other attributes sound good, but owners may question: their effectiveness, how they look, and how long they'll last. Well, the truth is: all three of these questions are answered brilliantly with the eco-friendly door mats from Mat Shop. The coarse coconut fibers of the Coir mats, the durable spun PET yarn, and the quality, industry-leading manufacturing of these eco-friendly mats – are second to none when it comes to: quality, heavy-duty effectiveness, looks, and long-lasting durability.

Sometimes natural is just better, especially, when they're made from the industry's best practices and decades of experience too. One of the best aspects of choosing eco-friendly mats is how aesthetically pleasing they are. The Coir door mats have a rustic, natural look, while the cross hatch and herringbone pattern are uniquely exquisite. As for long-lasting, well, these mats are quality made products meant to last long-term, so with quality materials, the best manufacturing practices, and Mat Shop's trusted reputation – commercial businesses can be assured their eco-friendly door mats will last a long time.


Commercial business owners have the opportunity to tap into the potential of “green marketing” when choosing to use eco-friendly door mats. The good news is they won't have to give up practical efficiency, aesthetic sensibilities, or a bunch of money, in order to do this; rather, eco-friendly door mats are a unique way for owners to express this popular sentiment and capitalize on the benefits of being environmentally sensible.

When it comes down to it, there's no better place to get eco-friendly commercial door mats than Mat Shop. We're a 100% Australian owned and operated company that serves a worldwide customer base; free shipping, a best price guarantee, a 90 day money back guarantee, and excellent customer service – are all good reasons to partner with us to get our unique, eco-friendly, commercial door mats. 

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