Purposeful Design Tips for Product Exhibitions and Events

by Mat Summers:

iStock-592680838.jpgAcross the world during any week there's some sort of exhibition, convention, trade show, trade fair, conference, or other event where certain industries are exhibiting their products. These events give companies a chance to: network, make contacts, attract new clients, and get away for business trips. An essential component companies need to participate is an impressive product exhibit; in this regard, here are some purposeful design tips for product exhibitions and events.

Main Elements Involved

The small spaces companies occupy during the event must be utilized well. First impressions are important when trying to attract attendees. The essential point is to use the main elements within the booth to accentuate the purpose of the exhibit: the product. Here are the main elements involved:

    • Lighting

    • Display

    • Images

    • Flooring

    • Sales Person

There might be a flat screen, candy, talking robot, seating, or other elements involved inside the booth, yet these are the main elements companies have to work with. Using these effectively will make the difference between getting enough contacts and sales leads to make the event worthwhile.

Purposeful Design

Within the smallish room companies have to work with, there needs to be purposeful design with every element. A theme or story must be told with the design, as this is part of the sales pitch. Although the sales person is vital in extracting emails and phone numbers, they shouldn't be asked to do all of the heavy lifting.

Overall, the booth, display, or space should be inviting and comfortable, the products should be well-lit and displayed as the center of attention. The theme of the design should match with colors and patterns; if any words are displayed they should explain the attributes of the product.

Lighting shouldn't be too bright upon visitors, and the rugs should be comfortable and inviting for people to stand on for enough time to give a sales pitch (3 minutes or so). The rugs or mats could display the company logo, arrows for direction, or key phrases – many times passerbys will see the flooring before the products in the display.

With all the sounds and loudness of an exhibition or trade fair, music or sounds in the booth should be minimal, so the sales person can talk and give their pitch. Maybe there could be headphones with a display video presentation and some stools for seating; the type of products being highlighted and the convention being held will dictate the overall design, yet designing every element with purpose is key.

Facilitating Displays

There are services that help with setting up and taking down trade displays, renting display booths, or storing the display booths companies own. Maybe the convention or event is held in the same city every year, so the equipment can be stored by the service. When the displays aren't as involved, the sales person and crew can bring and set up the displays themselves.

This means the elements involved in the display need to fit into luggage if traveling by plane or train. Banners, images, lighting, mats, product displays and booths are designed for this type of portability. Fitting the elements into luggage is necessary, unless driving, renting, or storing the equipment where the event is located.

Benefits of Custom Rugs in Display

Many times, companies are careful about the purposeful design and choice of all the main elements in their product exhibits, yet the flooring is left to chance. Problem is, the default carpet or flooring in the event center may be the opposite of the booth's design colors or patterns. To avoid this problem, companies should get a custom designed mat for their display booth.

A custom designed floor mat, rug, or runner, will ensure the display booth's design is continuous and matching. There can also be words or logos placed on the mat, which would work to attract and invite visitors. Booths with a custom mat would be more comfortable, unique, and matching than other booths, giving companies a distinct advantage.


There are product exhibitions and events for every industry in all locations around the world. There are local, regional, national, and international events to choose from depending on the size and scope of the company and their market. There's a reason why companies choose to go through the trouble of setting up display booths and sending representatives to these events, generally, having to do with a high ROI.

If the high ROI potential is there, then companies need to have a strategy for facilitating an impressive display booth for their products. This may include renting or hiring a service to help, or it may include investing in the main elements and driving or flying them to the event. Either way, display booths must be designed with purpose to attract and impress potential leads and contacts at the events.

Mat Shop can help companies purposefully design the: mats, rugs, and floor coverings in their display booths. Our custom design service and huge selection of mats gives companies the options needed to get exactly what they've envisioned for their display booths.


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