Maintaining A Building's Appearance Matters

by Mat Summers:

Maintaining A Building's Appearance.jpg"Dress for success" is the first piece of advice a parent gives a child when they go out to apply for their first job. Business owners and managers should take this advice to heart and also apply it to maintaining a building's appearance. Just as a wrinkled shirt communicates a lack of attention to detail, a ragged storefront tells the world that a business couldn't be bothered with maintenance. That lack of commitment to tending to what is yours can have customers assuming you won't really care what you are doing for them. 

Appearance Matters

It may seem shallow but the psychological reality is that we all judge one another by appearances. Humans are visually stimulated creatures. Pleasing aesthetics do more than influence us romantically. They shape our opinions about other people and things. When we are faced with something new, the visual image we process subconsciously fills in the gaps of the unknown. Our mind is taking in the visual data and processing it without us even being aware. Suddenly we have formed a perception of how we feel about something based on what we have seen. The appearance of an office building or retail center can make or break a business.

Attraction Potential

What does your office or storefront say about your business potential for attracting new clients? Is your entry clean and inviting? Are windows streak-free and gleaming? Is the paint peeling off your front door? Do you have a welcome mat so customers can shake off the dust before coming inside? All of these fine details matter.

Consumer research indicates that about 95% of shoppers claim that the outward appearances of a business influences where they decide to spend their money. More than 60% of shoppers have passed up a business that had an unappealing storefront. More than half of all consumers avoid businesses that are simply unclean.

First Impression: Success or Failure

Making a good first impression may not seem that important with regards to your storefront. A business may think the key to success lies in their business model or business practices, in the professionalism of their customer service and sales teams. You would be making a big mistake by neglecting the appearance of your building. More than 80% of shoppers refuse to give a business a second chance once they have rejected it. With more than 30% of consumers rejecting a business over lack of cleanliness, it is clear that any business with a desire to grow with new clients and retain existing clientele, needs to keep things looking tidy and sparkling clean.

The First Step To A Clean Storefront

One of the first steps to creating and maintaining a clean building, inside and out, is to consider where those first steps are taken. Pay attention to the cleanliness of floors. The use of floor mats can enhance the physical appearance of a business, create a mood, and make it easier to keep things clean.

  • Door Mats: Entries are the frontlines in the war on dirt. Always use a quality mat at the entry of your business. This is also the first opportunity to affect a customer's mood. Opt for graphics that are uplifting and stimulating. Not only will an entry door mat provide the function of preventing dirt and debris from being tracked through your place of business, but it will also formulate a positive impression in the mind of your customer.
  • Runners: All businesses have areas that experience more foot traffic than others. These are the places to use runners. Not only do they serve to minimize dirt and debris as people traipse about the place, but they also create a safer work environment.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats: Any area where staff or customers will stand for any period of time should feature anti-fatigue mats. The comfort they provide will make employees more productive, reduce related injuries, and keep customers engaged longer.

Develop Your Strategy

The strategic use of mats in commercial industry is one of the most cost-effective methods to improve the appearance of a business, enhance workplace safety, and lower the maintenance demands of cleaning. Design your own floorplan of strategically placed mats and enjoy the economic benefits of making the right impression with your business. Sign up to receive 20% off 

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