How to Keep Your Office Tower Looking Great

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Keep Your Office Tower Looking Great.jpgKeeping an office tower looking its best means meeting extra challenges. You have to pay special attention to sources of grime that you might not think of as serious when they're on the ground floor. This is because these sources become more obvious when they're not competing with the main entrance for attention. Here are some tips to keep your office tower looking great all the way to the top level.

Start With the Main Floor

The main entrance, where people come in from outside, is the biggest source of grime for the entire building. Therefore, everything will look better if you can keep dirt from being tracked in through this opening. Put good, durable mats in the vestibule and just beyond it. These should be waterproof, trip-proof, and be made in such a way as to grab and trap dirt from people's feet. Put mats like this at every entrance point to the building since not everyone will go through the big set of doors. Pay extra attention to doors used by employees, especially the ones people choose to stand outside of during breaks.

If employees congregate at a particular door for their breaks, take the extra step of sweeping the pavement or sidewalks in these areas. This will help keep the workers from collecting road grime on their shoes to begin with. Of course, this works best when the areas in question are on low-traffic alleys and roads.

Even with these preventive measures, plenty of dirt will still be tracked into an office building's entrance level. Since it can be too hazardous to mop the floor frequently, it should usually be swept instead. Vacuum all mats frequently, too - this not only improves their appearance, but gets rid of the grime they've accumulated. A mat can only stop grime if its fibers aren't already full.

Of course, one of the key factors in the appearance of a building is how the fixtures look. This includes door handles, safety bars, banisters, and elevator panels. Wipe them all down frequently to get rid of fingerprints, stickiness, and other such things.

Upper Levels

The soilage pattern on these floors will generally follow the foot traffic pattern, but it offers a few surprises. For example, the areas outside of the bathrooms will typically show a mudlike pattern of wet soil. That's because splashing from sinks happens more often than might be expected for buildings used by adults. This water then mixes with the soil on people's feet, and the combination is tracked out. Consider putting down small mats to catch some of this. Also, be sure to have staff mop inside and outside of the bathrooms on a frequent basis.

More soil can be found inside and in front of the elevators. Of course, this is the remnants of what is getting tracked through the front doors. Simply be sure to clean these areas frequently to keep them looking good.

As with the main floor, any fixtures that collect fingerprints will need to be wiped down frequently to keep them looking nice. The rest of the flooring will also need mopping, too, though this shouldn't have to be done as often as it does at the ground level.

Finally, the cleaning staff, like everyone else, is far more likely to be sure to do something if it isn't a hassle. To avoid the trouble of trying to cram cleaning equipment into busy elevators during the day, stock each floor with at least the basic maintenance necessities: Vacuums, mops, cleaning solutions and buckets, and similar materials. This will make it easy to grab and use whatever is necessary as soon as a problem is detected.

By paying special attention to high-soil areas, you can keep much of the dirt from being tracked throughout the building. This will make it much easier to maintain the needed pristine appearance.

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