How to Remove Debris From Feet Safely and Increase Life of Your Floor Coverings

by Mat Summers:

store-entrance-with-door-matOne pet peeve you've likely had for years in your business is customers dragging in debris from their feet. Even though some of the world thinks Australia is always sunny, those of us who've lived here forever know this isn't always the case. We've had more than our share of rain and other torrential weather. 

Of course, it all depends on where your business is in the mainland. Customers can still drag in debris due to other issues and not just weather. Maybe you have construction going on nearby, creating a situation where customers have to walk through dirt or gravel.

Or, a customer perhaps visited another place and has other muck on the bottom of their shoes, hence tracking it across your floor.

Here's how to remove debris from feet safely and increase the life of your floor coverings using an effective mat year-round.

Why Mats Are So Effective

Perhaps buying a mat for your business sounds like an overly unexciting purchase, yet there's a lot more than meets the eye. Mats now come in different and attractive forms so you can use them for numerous purposes.

They're going to act as a preventative so you protect your expensive floor coverings. After all, you've invested considerable money in your floors for branding. Why should you have them ruined because customers have nothing around to wipe their feet?

Here's some mat options to consider so customers can easily clean or dry their feet before stepping into your store.

Outdoor and Indoor Mats

You may think it's impossible to keep a mat outside your door without becoming destroyed from nature. Thankfully, you'll find many mats designed to absorb moisture easily for convenient outdoor use. Others have natural coir fibres from the coconut husk to help pick up debris.

Any visitor to your store can scrape off mud and other dirt instantly before going in your door.

It's the same with indoor mats. Many have materials that automatically absorb moisture when customers walk in. With rubberised backing on many mats, you don't have to worry about slipping, giving you peace of mind about no falls occurring.

Finding a High-Traffic Mat

During busy seasons in your business, you may need to upgrade to a high-traffic mat, especially with any inclement weather outside. Various mats exist with hardwearing carpet surfaces that absorb copious amounts of water.

Others designed for indoor use once again come from coconuts, giving you a fibre providing even stronger debris absorption. During the holiday shopping season, this is a good bet, especially if you need to protect holiday-themed graphics on your floor coverings.

Scraper Mats

For some situations, you may need a little stronger mat for customers to wipe their feet on. Scraper mats have coarser textures to allow for heavier dirt and debris removal. What makes these so popular is they not only take care of foot debris, but also dirt accumulating on light-wheeled traffic like wheelchairs or push carts.

Customisation is common in these mats, letting you cut to your required length to suit any space around your entrance.

Often, scraper mats come with integrated fibres to help scrape debris and dry feet all in one.

Mats You Can Easily Clean

After buying a mat easily absorbing moisture and picking up debris, you'll want to make sure you buy a mat that's easy to clean. If you've managed to keep your floor coverings clean, keeping a clean mat is just as important for aesthetic value.

Some of these use heavily coiled wire, allowing dirt to fall into the open construction so the main surface looks clean. All of these mats come with cleaning instructions to wash them in the right way.

Visit us at Mat Shop to learn more about our mats, which easily take care of outdoor debris to keep your floors pristine.

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