How to Create Events and Exhibitions That Will be Attended and Remembered

by Mat Summers:

Smiling-business-people-with-thumbs-upSpecial events are often thought of as drawing attention by their very nature, but in reality, this is far from the case. Instead, people choose what seems like it'll be the most interesting entertainment possibility out of the available options. A company's presentation, in and of itself, doesn't strike the public as something that's going to be all that attention-grabbing.

To get people to come to your event instead of choosing an alternative like going to the movies, it's up to you as an event host to do things that will change this initial thought. Here are a few ideas about how to create events and exhibitions that will be visited and remembered:

Getting People's Attention

One of the best ways to do this is to include activities and entertainment acts that draw visitors into the experience. This method, known as experiential marketing, gets people to come to your exhibit or show to see what's going on. Then, it grabs their attention for the duration of the presentation and performance. In fact, the best exhibitions are so immersive that the people don't feel like they're being advertised to. Instead, they remember you as the host of this great event. They'll also talk about it later, causing your reach to expand even more.

There are many forms of experiential marketing, and which one to choose depends on your target audience. If you want to get the attention of Millennials, for example, you'll have good luck with 90s rock acts or characters from television shows aired during that decade. On the other hand, if your company is a tool manufacturer targeting people who are into woodworking, you'll be better off presenting a new way to build something and then letting attendees try out your tools. Each demographic will respond to different things, so be sure to match the interests of your target market.

General Tips for Getting Set Up

Once you have an idea for an exhibition, you'll need to set up your booth or expo hall space. First impressions are important, so your first step is to make sure that visitors see a scene that will put them in the right mood. The walls and partitions should follow the theme of your show, and the lighting needs to fit the mood as well.

After the basics are covered, it's time to construct your sets. Custom-made booths are great if you only have access to a small part of a large exhibition area. If your company has rented an entire hall, you can use much more extravagant scenery or partition it into areas dedicated to different aspects of your theme.

Don't Forget the Floor

The floor is a very important aspect of an exhibition or other special event. People who are visiting a building for the first time will naturally look down so that they don't trip on anything. Because of this, they will see whatever is on the floor - and not only that, they'll be paying close attention to it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make the floor itself part of the experience.

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to include the floor in your show is to add custom-made mats. Here at Matshop, we can turn any printable idea into an actual mat. By avoiding plain, solid colors, you'll ensure that your event is even more memorable. If you choose a slogan in a flashy font, a picture, or something even more unique, we can handle it. We can also handle the sizes of mats you need for an exhibition-level event.

To learn more about our exhibition mat solutions, just visit our site or give us a call. We'll be glad to provide a quote for all of the mats you'll need for your event.

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