Hosting an "Un-Booth"

by Mat Summers:

man-resting-on-couch-at-homeA consumer who sees something that stands out in their mind is more likely to develop a strong memory of that particular experience. Therefore, in today's competitive market place, standing out from the crowd is the name of the game. However, this can be difficult to do with so much competition standing in the way. How different can a business make their event booths when it seems everyone else is trying to do the same?

The answer to this question can be answered a number of ways. There are, after all, hundreds of little things a company could tweak to make their brand just a little bit different from the next guy's. That said, the best marketing solutions are a bit more outrageous than the typical little tweaks here and there.

For instance, a few businesses have gone so far as to go against the grain and host an "un-booth" in place of the traditional brand booth. An un-booth attempts to pull visitors in by offering a comfortable place to hang out and get away from the hustle and bustle of the event. While booth attendants may offer information on the product or brand, it is in the least pushy way possible. The laid-back vibe is carried out in every aspect of their booth or event, drawing attention to their space and creating a truly memorable experience for visitors.

If this sounds like something your company might be interested in putting together before your next big event, it is crucial to begin preparing as soon as possible. There are a great number of aspects to consider. Here are a few we have found to be highly important. 


Whether or not the overall event is sticking to a particular theme, you may want to consider choosing a fun theme for your own event area. This will set the tone for your relaxing space and create a fun, eye-catching display. Some fun ideas include a beach theme and an outdoor springtime theme. 


Comfortable seating is a must-have in an un-booth. Nobody wants to hang out in an uncomfortable folding chair, so it is imperative that you provide comfortable, upholstered furniture if you want people to spend time in your space. This tactic lends itself well to the laid-back atmosphere and makes customers more receptive should a staff member approach them with brand information. 


The flooring should tie the theme and furniture together. Additionally, the mats or rugs you choose will show visitors where your hangout space begins, drawing a clear line between the busy world of booths and your modern "un-booth".


While loud music is not an option at a big event for obvious reasons, some events may be open to your section playing a bit of relaxing music or even fun music played quietly. Music is great for setting the desired tone of your "un-booth" and helping visitors get a feel for the vibe you hope to promote.


Freebies are enough to draw a good number of people into almost any booth. Imagine what a few relevant freebies could do for your "un-booth". Offering a simple refreshment such as coffee, along with some free reading material, might be just the thing for ensuring your visitors hang out for a bit.


Staff members can make or break your "un-booth". Therefore, it is crucial that your company chooses the right people to send. The individuals running your event should be laid-back, personable, and fun. They should not be pushy or have a tendency to spout off sales pitches. 

If you are considering creating an "un-booth" of your own, The Mat Shop would be honored to help out by assisting you in finding the perfect flooring solution for your event space. 

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