Get A Grip This Season!

by Mat Summers:

Avoid the slips and trips with Mat Shop

It’s that time of the year where here in Australia we experience the summer heat waves along with the torrential rain and thunderstorms. In some parts of Australia, the wet season is associated with tropical cyclones and monsoon rains!

Often this weather can strike at any point in the day and we can find ourselves unprepared, without an umbrella, getting absolutely soaked on our way to work. After running from the train or bus, or back from lunch into our building we find ourselves dripping wet standing in a puddle of rain that’s fallen off our backs.  Not only is this uncomfortable for us as we go back and sit in our air-conditioned office, freezing cold and wet, but it also can create a safety hazard in the workplace.

Walking moisture into a building or shop, especially one with smooth, hard surfaces like tiles, can create a major slip hazard. The moisture retained on people shoes can be walked meters into the building, which builds up as foot traffic increases. If the surface doesn’t absorb the moisture quickly it can sit there for hours, or maintenance staff need to continually clean and monitor the area. Mat Shop recognise that the need for an absorbent entrance mat is crucial in any office building. Not only does it help prevent slip hazards on rainy days, but entrance mats also create a cleaner environment.

Mat Shop offers a range of entrance matting, many with absorbent qualities. However, the two that we recommend, if you are in a wet environment are the Premier High Traffic Eco Friendly Commercial Entrance Matting and the High Absorbent Reinforced Rubber Backed Mat.

The Premier High Traffic Eco Friendly Commercial Entrance Matting is an attractive mat with a herringbone pattern designed to scrape dirt and absorb moisture. The deep channels created from the pattern collect contain the moisture and dirt, preventing it from being walked through the building. The highly absorbent surface is manufactured from 100% post-consumer PET bottles that are spun into a durable yet absorbent year, which is then heat pressed and bonded to a rubber backing containing 20% post-consumer tyres. This matting comes on a roll which means that it can be cut to your desired size, and is able to be recessed or flat laying.


The High Absorbent Reinforced Rubber Backed Mat is intended for high traffic, demanding entrances and can absorb up to 6.8 litres of water per square meter. The surface is permanently bonded to a nitrile rubber backing that also forms a rubber dam edge around the mat to contain excess moisture. Not only is this mat highly absorbent, it also contains anti-static properties which help to attract and remove dirt from footwear, preventing it from being walking through the building.


If wet, slippery floors are an issue in your workplace, or you wish to prevent it before it becomes a hazard, head to or call 1800 118 329 and speak to a matting specialist today.

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