Four Major Reasons You Need a Mat

by Mat Summers:

you need a mat.jpgDoes it agitate you that no matter how many times you clean your house, there is always dirt after a few days? The dust if left unchecked for a couple of days could turn into something bigger and messier, and the damage will have already happened. Many times, the dirt comes into the house through unchecked feet that carry dust even when the shoe does not look dirty or muddy.   

Make sure the mat is big enough to allow a few strides before reaching the door to ensure both feet get to step on the mat and in the process the dirt gets deposited on the carpet. The primary benefit of having a big mat at the door apart from making the doorway more appealing is its ability to hold dirt on its tracks among other benefits that we shall review in this article. Before we delve on the advantages of having efficient mat, here are some things to consider before you buy a mat.   

  • As stated, the size of the mat should cover the whole doorway area for it to prove useful in dirt control.
  • Use acrylic or rubber backed mats for indoors since it's easy to vacuum or shake outside.   
  • Get a mat that goes in hand with your decor but little shades darker to ensure it can hide the worst of dirt in case you forget to vacuum it.
  • Consider whether the mat is easy to wash before you buy it.

So, do you want to buy a mat and you're not sure whether you need it or not? Well, here are a few reasons to consider getting that mat for your door for dust control.       

Mats increase safety       

Some of the dirt in people's shoes consists of fine gravel present in the natural soil. When it accumulates, it could pose a hazard as it could cause sliding which could lead to falling especially on a tiled floor. Apart from dirt, in high traffic areas of the house like the kitchen, a fur mat could come in handy to prevent slip and fall in case of a spillage.   

Dirt control   

Like we said earlier, there is no better way to control the annoying dust that keeps on appearing even when you clean the house than a mat. The fiber used to make many mats holds dirt in its tracks and traps it in its fibers ensuring by the time the shoes get into the house close to no dirt is in those shoes. The high traction in the mat provides efficient removal of dirt, grime, and water from shoes. So now you can say goodbye to those hours wasted vacuuming the house twice a day, the mat is here to help.       

Bacteria control   

Usually, it applies to homes with a young family. Since you can't stop a baby from crawling and putting things from the floor in their mouth, you need an effective mat on your door to keep the dirt away. Door mats treated with anti-microbial agents work efficiently to keep bacteria from the feet at bay at all times ensuring you and your baby is safe from bacterial attack or contamination.   

Mats add an allure of beauty to your door and home   

Whether commercial or residential, mats have ability to add an allure of beauty and class. Decorated mats at entrance of organizations or residential homes make the place look beautiful effortlessly. For companies, they can customize the mats to bear their logos for an added feel of the company's image. There is a myriad of decorations on mats and messages written on them to make guests feel good as they wipe their shoes.  

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