The Floor: Untapped Marketing Potential

by Mat Summers:

The Floor – Untapped marketing potential.jpgBusinesses everywhere are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to market their brand. From billboards to television commercials, we see branding pretty much everywhere we go. Everywhere, that is, except the floor.

After all, why in the world would a business want to advertise on a floor, of all places? Putting a logo or slogan on a set of floor tiles would result in nothing more than watching your nice ad be trampled on, right?

Actually, no, floor advertisements are much more successful than you might think. Therefore, it is unfortunate that more businesses aren't taking advantage of the untapped marketing potential of the flooring in their place of business. 

Here are a few of the reasons why floor marketing works:

#1: Smartphones — The invention of the smartphone is easily the number one reason floor advertisements are working better now than they may have for past generations. As more and more people acquire these wonderous little devices, a growing percentage of the population can be seen staring down at those tiny screens, and if they look past that screen—even just a little—they will see the floor. 

For the most part, a floor will go unnoticed when someone happens to look past their screen. However, if a catchy logo or bit of wording is on that floor to catch their attention, there is a good chance they are going to take a look. Obviously, this leads to the floor advertisement having a much higher success rate than it did before smartphones were born. 

#2: Plenty of Wide Open Space — The second reason a floor advertisement might work well actually has nothing at all to do with smartphones, which means even the odd smartphone-less customer might be swayed by your floor ad. The reason? Wide open floor space.

Think about it. If you are in a room with a floor that is completely blank with the exception of a single rug or mat with a bit of wording on it, you are probably going to be drawn to the area that has something going on. In this way, floor marketing works wonders, especially for any business with the fortune of having a wide open room to work with.

#3: Unusual Placement — For our final reason on this list, we will consider the placement of the ad in question. When you are driving, you expect to see billboards along the way. Likewise, when you are watching TV or listening to the radio, you anticipate the commercials and probably even tune them out for the most part.

However, when you are walking into a place of business, you aren't prepared to see advertisements on the floors. This would likely catch you off guard and pique your curiosity, driving you to look at the logos and slogans more closely than you may have if they'd been presented in another way. This method would likely also cause the ad to stand out in your memory, making that particular business stand out in your mind as interesting. 

As a business, you want to create advertisements that stand out. You want people to remember you and your ads and think of you anytime they are considering purchasing the service or product you offer. Floor advertisements are just unusual enough to give your customers that off-the-wall, memorable ad that they will remember. 

Clearly, ordering a few mats to advertise your business is an awesome way to raise brand awareness. With the proper placement, these little bits of marketing genius will be helping your business out in no time. 

If you are ready to order your own custom-made logo mats, we would love to help you out. Please feel free to have a look around our shop and contact us with any questions. 

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