Float mats a solution to local traffic congestion?

by Mat Summers:


Mat Shop is proud to release an update on our latest innovation. We are calling it float mat because after extensive trials (mishaps and close shaves!) we have mastered a mat that floats easily through the air.

Powered by four rechargeable 960kv motors that will stay charged for 8 hours of use and lifted and driven by a carbon fibre propeller on each corner of the mat. Float Mat will carry up to 275kg, has a range of 3.29km and is directed by a unique iOS and Android app. Simply touch the location on the map and select your preference of speed (slow, moderate or fast) & route type (scenic, direct or adventurous) and you are away.

The propellers on each corner are caged for user safety and the mat sinks in the centre to encapsulate and hold in passengers comfortably to prevent them from falling off during turbulence or windy conditions.

A unique feature of this is that it can be remote controlled so ideal for dropping your children off to school, sending someone on a quick grocery trip or a relaxing stress-free float over your beautiful suburb. Simply set your mat to float above your destination or return home and do another trip while you are completing your errands or meeting.

Learn more about this amazing innovation here.