Ensuring Your New Product Launch is Memorable

by Mat Summers:

How to create events and exhibitions that are remembered and visited.jpgEvery business wants their products to stand out. This is especially true when they've launched a new and exciting product. After all, who wouldn't want their customers to know about the coolest new thing they offer?

Unfortunately, new products often slip by completely unnoticed, and eventually find themselves pushed to the back as customers seek out old favorites. This is terrible for businesses—especially smaller ones—because creating and launching a new product is often expensive and time-consuming. It can be devastating to small stores and restaurants for new products to go unnoticed.

Because making sure customers see (and try!) your new products is such an important part of expanding a business, many business owners are curious about what they can do to ensure their new products are noticed and remembered by potential customers. 

One of the very best ways to make a new product launch memorable is to make it an event of its own. Parties celebrating a certain product make the item known to the surrounding community, put the product in a positive light, and encourage people to give the new option a try. Whether you are launching a new baby product, an awesome toy, a line of clothing, or a new kind of ice cream, a launch party is a surefire way to start your product off on the right foot. 

That said, there are a number of things you can do to make your event more successful. The more successful your event, the more people will remember it and talk about it, and that memorable experience will help ensure the success of your product.

So how do you put on an event to remember? Well, there are a number of answers to that question. In this article, we will discuss just a few of the most important aspects of a successful product launch event. 

Set the Stage

Nobody wants to patronize a dirty, disorganized, or otherwise unattractive store or restaurant. Therefore, it is important to clean your place of business thoroughly before any event. Your party will hopefully be bringing in a number of new potential customers, and setting a good impression is very important for business. 

Be sure to look at your store through the eyes of a visitor and replace or fix little things you may have been ignoring. This might include sweeping dirty corners, cleaning windows, replacing light bulbs, painting trim, and even replacing old or worn floor mats. 

Create a Theme

Decide on a fitting theme for your product launch and go all-out with your theming. This will add a fun, interesting, and memorable element that is sure to have people talking.

For instance, if your restaurant is launching a Hawaiian burger, you might decide on a tropical theme. Likewise, the launch party for a new line of baby clothes might have a nursery theme.

Some fun ways to expand upon your theme and make your party an immersive experience include hanging streamers or other hanging decorations, adding a mural to the wall and/or windows, and putting down customized floor mats to match the theme. All of these things help surround attendees with the fun theme of choice.

Invite the Community

No event is very fun without some guests. Be sure to advertise your event well by handing out flyers to neighbors of your store, hanging posters around town, and advertising in the local paper. Be sure to list the event entertainment on your flyers and posters in order to entice people to come. 

Provide Entertainment

Every party needs to have entertainment. Make sure your event has plenty to offer in the way of fun. This could include games, live music, a dance floor, or local performers. It doesn't have to cost a lot, and will really add to the fun of your party.

Offer Testers and Samples

Be sure to really highlight the new product, which is what people really came to see. You can do this by having tester items available for party guests to use. If the item is a food, be sure to pass out samples of the food for everyone to try. 

Make Purchasing Easy

Of course, if you are having a party to promote an item, you will want to have that item available for purchase at the event. Whether this means having plenty of product on-hand or passing out order forms, be sure to make it easy for customers to order on the spot. Otherwise, party attendees are likely to put off ordering until a much later date, or even forget to ever do so.

By following these tips, you are sure to put on amazing event people will remember for a long time to come. This is great for bringing in new customers, selling your new product, and best of all, it's a great way to give back to your community.

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