Easy Ways of Maintaining the Appearance of Buildings

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Maintaining the appearance of buildings -4.jpgThe thought of Maintaining the Appearance of Buildings is one that often fills most landlords with thoughts of dread because they think it's very time-consuming. However, failure to do so leads to the negative effects of dirt, dust, and other debris. On the other hand, with a clean office building and work environment you'll see your employee's health, safety, and efficiency greatly improve. Your equipment's longevity will also improve and your customers will have a better impression of your brand too, especially since this is your business' first impression. For this reason, you need the following 5 easy ways of maintaining your building's appearance.

 Watch High Traffic Areas

Your work area's high traffic areas are where you'll see the most foot traffic. Typically, this includes your lobby since this is where people enter and exit your building. Your floors and carpet in these areas gather more dirt and wear and tear than the other areas of your building. Make sure you clean these high traffic areas more often than other areas. 

Invest in Entrance Mats

Make it easier on yourself to keep your carpets and floors clean by investing in entrance mats for your lobby. These are a great way of trapping dirt, debris, and moisture people bring inside with them. This prevents these things from being tracked around on the carpets throughout your office. Customization is also available for some mats so they'll include your company's logo, creating an even more professional looking building.

Check for Funky Smells

People always remember how things smell. So, if your office smells bad, they'll remember it. While most odors become trapped in your carpet, unclean ventilation systems are an even bigger problem. Simple, everyday activities generate lots of air pollutants, including dander, dust, and chemicals. This is because your HVAC system pulls these contaminants into it before re-circulating them throughout your building an average of 5 – 7 times each day. Over time, this leads to buildup in your ventilation system and then a stale, musty odor occurs. This can cause serious health problems, especially for people with allergies, respiratory health conditions, and autoimmune disorders. It can also create a stale, musty odor. Since you don't want remembered for a funky smell, make sure you clean your HVAC system on a regular basis

Dust: It's a Must!

Any tables, stands, or lamps in your lobby need dusted so your business makes a good impression. While admittedly it takes a while for dirt and debris to create a noticeable buildup in carpeting, customers see it more easily on furniture and furnishings. This is especially true if your customers spend a lot of time waiting in your reception area. 

Wash Windows

Windows have a great way of brightening your workplace thanks to the natural sunlight they allow inside. However, when they're dirty all your customers see is dust, smudges, hand prints and other marks. You don't want customers seeing these things when they look through your business' windows, so make sure you clean them regularly, especially in high traffic areas.

Remember to Clean Your Bathroom

The same things that apply to your lobby's cleanliness also apply to your bathroom, which is another area you want clean so people don't become grossed out by it. Take a few minutes every few hours to sweep, clean the toilet seat, and wipe down the mirror. This keeps things looking great between deep cleaning times.

Establishing a Great Reputation

While establishing a great reputation isn't easy, it's vital. Fortunately, it's not very time-consuming. Your main goal is to keep the floors, furniture, furnishings, and windows in your lobby clean. By taking the time for cleaning these things, you'll make a great impression on everyone who walks through your business' front door.

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