7 Ways Mats Enhance the Appearance and Maintenance of Buildings

by Mat Summers:

Maintenance of Buildings.jpgCommercial, residential, and industrial buildings all have a need for mats, specifically designed for the environment each is in. This could be an apartment complex, a manufacturer's warehouse, city hall, the high-rise office tower, or the retail shopping center; mats serve both practical and aesthetic uses. Let's explore this further by examining 7 ways mats enhance the appearance and maintenance of buildings.

    • Entrance Mat Transition Zone

    • Improved Safety with Non-Slip Walking Areas

    • Keeps Buildings Cleaner

    • Makes Walking Comfortable

    • Structured Environment

    • Aesthetically Pleasing

    • Protects the Flooring Underneath


Entrance Mat Transition Zone

First impressions are important, so building entrances should be optimized and designed, according to the mood and energy the owners wants to give people entering and exiting their buildings. This is the transition zone from the outside world into the building's environment; the mat provides a visual and sensory effect on people entering or exiting the building.

The types of mats used would vary according to the purpose of the building, yet the entrance mat is always part of the optimized transition zone – placed at main entrances and entrances within the entire building.


Improved Safety with Non-Slip Walking Areas

Often times, buildings have smooth and hard flooring surfaces in large common areas, including high-traffic areas and entrances. Sometimes, the weather may cause people to have wet or icy shoes, leading to the danger of slippage on a hard flooring surface.

Mats are a great solution for building owners to utilize to the max, to create non-slip walking areas, including high-traffic areas and entrances. This will reduce slips, potential injuries and lawsuits – all great things to reduce, while keeping the beauty (and functionality) of the hard flooring surfaces.


Keeps Buildings Cleaner

This is a maintenance factor, mostly, yet a building doesn't look or feel very pleasant when mud and debris are tracked all around. Building owners are constantly trying to keep their buildings clean, functional, and safe; by placing appropriate mats at entrances (even layers of mats), owners can rest assured knowing they're doing everything possible to keep the building clean, functional, and safe.


Makes Walking Comfortable

We've all walked on mats before, in the course of our daily activities, and found ourselves walking on some splendid surface; the comfortable cushy walk was a refreshing change from the hard surfaces city life, generally, brings. Mats provide an extra layer of comfort for building patrons, when they walk around the facilities. The marketability idea is: they'll want to walk around more, thus becoming satisfied regulars.


Structured Environment

This way isn't thought about as much, yet in its many applications is relevant to every situation. Mats create a structured environment – even if the structure is unstructured – where building patrons are either: directly or passively guided. Mats can be customized to be a certain shape and contain lettering; the applications are creative and practical, but possible with custom-designed guidance mats to provide structure to a building's environment.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Mats in the building, wherever, give building owners a great opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of their buildings. The options of different colors, sizes, types, shags, materials, etc. – allow building owners to find the specific products needed for nearly any application.

Hard flooring surfaces are trending in the flooring industry world, and so are rugs and mats to provide removable solutions to the functionality of hard flooring surfaces. The mix is a good match, and has been creating innovative designs and aesthetically pleasing products – to enhance the overall environment.


Protect the Flooring Underneath

Last, but not least, is the great way that mats protect the flooring underneath. This is a practical way mats are used by many businesses, organizations, and homes. The mats protect people from the ground, in the case of a special tent function, but inside a permanent building: mats protect the flooring underneath. This may be carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or some other flooring material; mats protect these valuable surfaces in high-traffic areas, where people and the items they carry come through.



Practical maintenance solutions and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment are the two main benefits of using mats in buildings. The specific uses would go far beyond the 7 ways mentioned above, nevertheless, building owners should be able to extract the many possibilities mats provide. When it comes to an affordable, efficient, multi-use product to invest into for maximum ROI, getting quality mats from Mat Shop is: equivalent with innovative system upgrades.

Mat Shop is a 100% owned Australian company offering a comprehensive selection of quality made and designed mats. Building owners can find mat products on our site, specifically designed for their desired applications; ultimately, to enhance their buildings' functionality and aesthetics. To learn more please contact us today.

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