7 Types of Floor Mats Used to Enhance and Maintain Hotel Buildings

by Mat Summers:

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Quality hotels are where people come to relax and enjoy the environment. The aesthetics and the practicality of the decor, furniture, and architecture -- all have an effect on the experience visitors have. Obviously, this experience needs to be optimally influenced by the environment, which includes the mats. In this regard, let's examine 7 types of floor mats used to enhance and maintain hotel buildings.

#1. Entrance Mats

First impressions are very important for businesses, especially hotels, so entrance mats are first on the list. These are also called door mats, and can be located outside or inside the building. These serve the practical use of keeping the building and customers' shoes clean, so they need to be absorbent and able to handle heavy traffic.

Mat Shop has great choices when it comes to door mats, including: eco-friendly, coir matting, super absorbent, commercial-grade scraper, rubber, custom printed, custom shaped, recessed, and easy to clean door mats. Picking the right color and size to go with the hotel's motif is important too, so hotels can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

#2. Anti-Fatigue Mats

For hotels, dry stand-up fatigue mats could be used for: the employees behind the counter, in the elevator, and in the laundry/janitor rooms. Mat Shop has wet and dry anti-fatigue mats, which can be linked together or bought as runners. Wet anti-fatigue mats can be used outside, so customers can be comfortable while waiting for a taxi or shuttle.

#3. Mat Runners

These are vital for hotel buildings, both practically and aesthetically; customers will notice and walk on these mats more than any other mats in the hotel. Mat Shop has PVC or natural rubber surfaced mat runners with either PVC or rubber backs to them. These can be custom-made or selected for the right width and length, and be used as non-slip options on hard surfaces or to protect the carpeting underneath. Mat Shop, also, has specific mat runners for the hotel's bar, event facilities, and options for indoor or outdoor uses.

#4. Gym Mats

Hotels also have a need for specialty mats, such as those found in gyms. Mat Shop has interlocking rubber tile mats that are both anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats, specifically for gyms. The beveled edges can come in black or yellow, to ensure safety in the gym environment.

#5. Pool and Shower Mats

Placing quality mats around the pool and in the showers of the hotel's rooms, is essential for hotels to ensure safety and cover themselves from any liability concerns. Mat Shop has two different options: heavy-duty PVC drain-able loop and PVC tubular. Both are designed for optimal traction, comfort, and ease of cleaning – loop has a “spaghetti” like structure and the other a more spacious tubular design.

#6. Kitchen Mats

Mat Shop has three different selections for kitchen area mats: heavy-duty rubber foot bath, multi-purpose anti-fatigue w/drainage holes, and fully encapsulated easy to clean nitrile rubber comfort mat. All three are designed to be anti-fatigue and easy to clean mats; the foot bath and nitrile rubber mats are designed to sanitize, thoroughly, any shoes coming into and out of the kitchen areas.

#7. Chair Mats

The back office and desk areas of hotel rooms are good places to place chair mats. Mat Shop has chair mats designed for hard flooring surfaces and different types of carpet, made from PVC material with a series of grippers underneath to hold the mats in place. Hotels can also get customized shapes to place in common areas where computers are, etc.


We've all, likely, been customers at a hotel at some time in our lives, so we can imagine how customers think and feel when stepping into a quality hotel. The aesthetics and functionality of these seven mat selections, really do play a large part in the overall customers' experience, therefor, should be chosen with care and quality in mind.

Hotels, uniquely, have serious mat needs, so it would make sense for them to partner with Mat Shop as their commercial mat vendor. Mat Shop has all the mats we've discussed, plus many more types and accessories; basically, we've got hotels covered when it comes to their holistic mat needs.

Hotel customers will appreciate the quality mats we've supplied, and hotels will appreciate the free shipping, extended warranty, custom options, and great service we provide. Please contact us today to learn more about our mats and service.

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