4 Tips for Keeping Your Concierge Staff Happy and Productive

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keeping-your-concierge-staff-happy.jpgThe job of a concierge is a tough one: between greeting clients, making arrangements to meet a wide array of requests, and acting as the public face of an organization, a concierge's plate is always full. As such, keeping your concierge staff happy is a key part of keeping your organization running smoothly. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. Shorten their shifts.

The job of a concierge can require a great deal of attention. It can be exhausting and, over time, can even lead to burnout. One way to reduce the toll the job takes on your employees is by shortening the shifts they are required to work.

Studies have shown that employees tend to be much less effective after around 6 hours of work than they are at the beginning of the day. One solution to this is to shorten shifts to 6 hours, thereby ensuring that your employees are fresh, well-rested, and able to perform at their top capacity.

Shortening their shifts will allow your staff to fight burnout and will save you money in the long run: by reducing employee turnover you will save on the costs of training new hires.

2. Install height adjustable workstations.

Remember that not all employees are created equal. Some are short; some are tall. Everyone has a different comfort area that is perfect for his or her body size. It makes little sense to install a standardized workstation and expect your concierge staff to adjust to it regardless of their physical size.

A better idea is to install workstations that may be adjusted by your staff, allowing them to maintain the perfect height for them. Your short employees will appreciate not having to stretch to reach something comfortably, and your tall employees will really like not having to spend the evening hunched over a workstation.

3. Use anti-fatigue mats for the standing surface.

A concierge spends a lot of time standing, and over time the surface of the flooring really does make a significant difference in his or her energy levels. It is tiring to spend long hours standing on hard tile or wood flooring, and doing so will result in tired, disgruntled staff.

Fortunately, there are some very good anti-fatigue mats available today. These mats can extend the ability of your concierge staff when it comes to standing at a workstation or greeting clients. What's more, as the hours pass, your concierge staff will retain the energy and vigor they had at the beginning of their shifts.

The mats come in a wide array of sizes and colors and can even be tailored to fit unique workstations if necessary. Their material is durable, meaning that you won't have to deal with the expense of frequent replacement.

A happy concierge staff can make all the difference in the world for customers coming through the doors of your establishment. And, as you know, happy customers mean more business, and more profit for you in the long run.

4. Increase the frequency of breaks.

Some concierge staff work long hours without being able to take the breaks they need to remain fresh and rested. While the specifics of what is feasible for employee breaks will vary from organization to organization, you may want to consider whether it is worth increasing the number or length of the breaks your staff are able to take.

Remember, an employee who is tired and worn out will be more likely to make a mistake, and this can cost you money. It is to your advantage to take steps to ensure that your concierge staff are rested, happy, and ready to continue providing excellent customer service.

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