4 Things that Add to Your Company's Booth

by Mat Summers:

How to create events and exhibitions that are remembered and visited (3).jpgSpring is almost here, and that means it's time to start signing up to participate in festivals, exhibitions, and other exciting promotional opportunities.

While these events are fun to visit, and while they definitely do attract more business, it is important to be selective when choosing which ones you will attend. It is also crucial to make sure your booth will be as effective as possible at attracting people. This is because each time you rent a booth and pay staff to run it, you are using hard-earned company money, something that isn't always readily available. 

The events you choose to attend are dependent on your type of business, as well as the area you live in. Therefore, it's difficult for us to help you in that respect. However, we can help you understand some key features that will help your booth look professional and attractive.

Below we have compiled a list of 4 items you will want to make sure your booth has in order to stand out from the crowd.

#1: Professional Banner

So many businesses head out into festival season without the proper signage. While handmade signs can be cute, they do not give off the professional and well-put-together vibe most customers are looking for, even if subconsciously.

Instead of attempting to create your own signage for your next event, consider investing in a high-quality, professionally-made banner. These can be used over and over again, reducing the amount of work you must put in before each event. They also give your company's booth a polished look, something that is attractive to the human eye. 

When having your banner made, be sure to include any important general information. However, leave off any event-specific info in order to make the banner a versatile tool that can be put up at other events in the future.

#2: Tester Products

In general, people like to try before they buy. This is especially true for more expensive items, but actually applies to everything, including lower-cost food products. 

If at all possible, offer customers a chance to try out your product at your event booth. This might mean setting out food samples, putting out a tester soap, giving kids the opportunity to play with your toys, or setting out your blankets and pillows for passers-by to touch. Tester items give people a reason to visit your booth. Additionally, these items have the potential to get people talking about your booth, something that is amazing for business.

Of course, if you are going to offer tester products, you will want to have the same item in stock for purchase. If this is not possible, give people a chance to order the product right there at your booth. 

#3: Enthusiastic Staff

Many business owners underestimate the importance of having friendly and enthusiastic staff manning their booth.

If you can't be present at a given event, it is absolutely crucial to have your most personable staff take your place. These people should also be excited about your company and what you have to offer. After all, enthusiasm is contagious, and if your booth staff is excited about something, it will almost certainly rub off on your visitors.

#4: Attractive Flooring

Another key part of a well-put-together booth is the flooring. Unfortunately, this feature is often overlooked. A high-quality rug can pull your look together, define your space as your own, and add an interesting textured element to the area. Floor mats can also be used to increase brand awareness through customization. 

While we can't help you find enthusiastic staff or professional banners, the people here at Mat Shop most certainly can help you find the perfect floor mats for adding that special touch to your event booth. We offer a wide variety of mats and customization options, meaning we carry something for everyone.

Have a look around and see what you can find to suit your needs!

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