4 Reasons to Add Floor Mats to Your Kitchen

by Mat Summers:

kitchen-floor-mats.jpgRunning a kitchen—whether personal or professional—comes with its own set of health and safety hazards. Luckily, there are ways to combat these hazards without much effort, making taking these extra safety measures a no-brainer for anyone who owns or runs a kitchen.

One way to reduce the risk of a number of safety and health issues is to add floor mats to your kitchen. Here are a few of the ways these mats can help you and your staff (of family).

Reduce Fatigue

Standing for long periods of time is not good for anyone. Unfortunately, cooking sometimes requires it, and this can leave your body feeling fatigued and sore.

This is where anti-fatigue mats can step in to help. These mats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and they all help take some of the work out of standing for long periods of time. These mats are best placed in front of sinks—where dishes are washed—or in prep stations, in front of grills, or wherever a person might be standing for a bit. 

Combat Slips

Another great benefit of adding mats to your floors is their ability to prevent slips. Most kitchen mats are made just for this purpose, allowing liquids to run off of the mat, leaving a dry place for kitchen staff to walk.

Have a particularly wet or greasy area in your kitchen? There are mats made specifically for repelling grease, and others made to suction to the floor so as not to slide around should there be a large amount of grease or water spilled.

Where should you pace these mats? Well, anywhere there could be a water or grease spill. Of course, that could be anywhere in the kitchen, so placing these mats wherever they will fit is always a good bet. However, having mats in front of sinks, stoves, and fryers is a must. 

Fight Germs

Did you know some mats can actually fight germs? Well, they can! Many of the kitchen mats on the market have an antimicrobial additive which prevents the growth of bacteria and other microbes that could be lurking on your floors. This promotes a clean and healthy environment for those cooking as well as those eating the food being prepared in your kitchen.

Be sure to look for the anti-microbial additive in all the mats you purchase for your kitchen floors!

Catch Spills

Spills happen in every kitchen, and sometimes cleaning them right away isn't an option. After all, who can afford to stop in the middle of lunch hour and mop up a water spill?

Floor mats help out by catching small- to medium-sized spills and holding them in place. This reduces the risk of someone slipping on the spill and gives you and your staff time to finish whatever project is being worked on before mopping it up. For this reason, mat should always be placed wherever liquids regularly are. 


As you can see, mats are truly a must-have for every busy kitchen. Aren't sure which mats to buy? Look for a set of mats that boast anti-fatigue, slip-proof, and anti-microbial features. This will allow you to rest easy knowing your kitchen floors are safe and ready for regular use, whether by a professional staff or your family and friends. 

Are you ready to invest in a set of high-quality kitchen mats? Have a look around our shop! We are sure we have something to suit your needs. If you still aren't sure what to buy, please contact us today to learn more about what kinds of mats would work well in your kitchen. 

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