3 Ways to Use the Floor to Make Your Event Pop

by Mat Summers:

How to create events and exhibitions that are remembered and visited (2)-1.jpgWhether you are hosting a product launch party, putting together a fun sidewalk sale, or taking your brand to an outside event, you are going to want to find way to make your store or booth memorable. Memorable businesses are more likely to receive return customers, after all, and return customers are at the heart of every successful business.

That said, it is sometimes difficult to find ways to make your business stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, with more new businesses popping up every day, it has never been so important to find ways to do so. Many stores will use special decor, window paintings, and refreshments when holding events in their place of business. Meanwhile, businesses who are visiting outside events will create eye-catching displays using banners, signs, and streamers.

However, the folks creating these displays—both in-store and out—tend to leave the floor bare. This is unfortunate because the floor can be such an incredible marketing tool. Additionally, adding decor to the floor of any display can create a more complete and memorable look, and could even lead visitors to talk up the creativity of your business to family and friends. 

There are many ways to use the floor to make your business a memorable one. Here are a few of our favorites:

Logo Mats

Custom logo mats are the perfect solution for businesses who wish to promote their brand in an interesting way. Because the floor is such an unusual place to see a logo or slogan, custom logo mats are more likely to draw the attention of customers than traditional signage might be. They are also more memorable than the average sign because of their unusual placement, making them the perfect way to ensure your business stands out in the minds of potential clients. 

Themed Mats

If your booth, party, or event will be themed, customized mats can be made to fit that theme perfectly, making them the ideal way to give your customers an immersive experience they will remember for quite some time.

For instance, if you will be hosting a beach-themed event, why not add some rugs printed to look like sand with shells or beach toys? Likewise, a 60s-themed party might benefit from a mat printed with peace signs or bright-colored flowers.

Textured Mats

People are drawn to texture. A mat with the look and feel of grass, for instance, is sure to draw the attention of passersby, especially when it is paired with a fitting theme. Additionally, the unique texture and feel of a PVC loop mat could work well for drawing attention. This is especially true if the mat being used is a bright color that coordinates well with the other decor in the room. 

By using any one of these ideas or any combination of two or three, you are sure to add an interesting element to any event or booth your business might be hosting.

When your event is finished, be sure to hold on to your interesting mats. You never know when you may get another chance to use them! For example, store displays are always in need of fun flooring options, and when you have a whole collection of mats to choose from, you are sure to have something on hand for every occasion. 

Are you ready to order some mats for your next big event? We would love to help you find the perfect set of floor mats for your situation. Simply have a look around our online store to see what we have available.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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