3 Ways Mats Help Maintain the Appearance of Shopping Centers

by Mat Summers:

Maintain the Appearance of Shopping Centers.jpgBoth indoor and outdoor shopping centers are high traffic retail environments, which is why tenants pay high rent prices for their stores. The owner or manager of the center is tasked with the upkeep, maintenance, and security of the center. The appearance and functionality of the environment needs to be conductive for a positive shopping experience. One of the tools used to carry out these important duties is the mats; here are 3 ways mats help maintain the appearance of shopping centers.


1. Enhances the Shopping Experience

Optimally, retail environments need to be conductive for a positive “shopping experience”, in order to influence visitors into dwelling longer and buying more. There are many factors involved in creating this optimal environment, such as: climate control, cleanliness, music, layout/design, bathroom availability, and the floor mats.

Floor mats are very much part of the shoppers' experience, because they're on a ground level and visitors touch and feel their presence. First impressions are often created by mats located at the entrances (both indoor and out), which means they play a vital role in setting the tone for the shopping center. Mats will either enhance the shopping experience or hinder it, depending on the quality and type of mats chosen.


2. Maintains Cleanliness and Safety

Beyond appearances, mats are very practically used for maintaining a building's cleanliness and safety. Both the building and visitors' shoes are cleaned from any outside elements, and building owners are ensured of a safer environment for their visitors – avoiding litigation from slips and falls. Mats are vital for shopping centers for these practical reasons, yet the quality of the mats will determine their effectiveness in this application.

Because of the important practical uses of mats in shopping centers, building owners benefit when partnering with a mat vendor offering quality mats of all types. For instance, here are some different type of mats from Mat Shop:

    • Door

    • Anti-Slip

    • Runners

    • Natural Fibre

    • Nylon

    • Heavy Duty Reinforced

    • Recessed

    • Rubber

    • Printed (personalized)

    • Ribbed Polypropylene

The key is to find a mat vendor that: makes quality mats, has a wide selection, and offers custom mats options. This way the mats will last longer, function better, and look better.


3. Communicate with Visitors

What does the shopping center want to communicate to its visitors? Whatever the answer is, personalized mats from Mat Shop can relay the message brilliantly. This enhances the shopping experience by capitalizing on the first impressions of visitors entering the center, and serves as a way to direct and inform visitors.

Directing and informing visitors could mean arrows pointing certain directions, or mats in large common areas with cartoon characters for shoppers' children to play on. Personalized mats can be used for brand recognition as well, or to relay an important message unique to the center. Whatever the application, building owners can use personalized mats to communicate with their visitors, creating the optimal shopping experience.



Both indoor and outdoor shopping centers, generally, have hard flooring surfaces for easier cleaning and maintaining. This means building owners are in need of quality mats of all types to cover these hard flooring surfaces in strategic locations. These mats serve practical uses, as well as marketing and aesthetic uses; mats play a large part in influencing the visitors' shopping experience.

These 3 ways mats help maintain the appearance of shopping centers, are compelling reasons for shopping center owners to seek a quality mat vendor. Mat Shop is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing quality mats for commercial use, and is offering to partner with shopping centers for their specific mat needs. Please contact us to learn more about the mat options available for shopping centers.

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