10 Custom Mat Sayings to Enhance Customers' Shopping Experience

by Mat Summers:

custom mat.jpgWith all the innovative marketing ideas being presented to retailers, generally, mats are not part of the grand equation. Partly, this is because of the focus of marketing online, as online shopping becomes more prevalent in today's modern technological world. Nevertheless, brick and mortal retail establishments are still the main shopping experience shoppers will have, thus, enhancing this shopping experience will, ultimately, convert more sales. In this regard, here are 10 custom mat sayings to enhance retail customers' shopping experience.


Evidence of Enhancement Effectiveness

Before we discuss these mat sayings, let's discuss some evidence that this enhancement is actually effective. In an online article on Forbes, called: “The Elements of a Great Shopping Experience”, written on July 13th 2009, we learn:

“Brand experience and engagement are the strongest drivers of loyalty, according to the survey. The top response was related to engagement...”

This was an online survey where:

“...1,006 shoppers...were asked: ' Can you think of a shopping experience that you had in the last six months or so that was especially great, in that the experience created delight and surprise for you in any way?'”

According to this survey and others like it, shoppers reported “...boredom with the similarity of specialty chain stores.”

This interesting article gives us some evidence of what retailers, likely, already know, which is: engaging customers through their stores': design, layout, customer service, and products – leads to higher sales conversions. This is where mats come into the picture, because mats are an excellent way to engage shoppers, in order to enhance their overall shopping experience. This is, especially, true with front entrance mats.


Check out these 10 front entrance mat sayings with this engagement strategy in mind:


#1. Got Dirt? Leave it Here Please

#2. We're Glad You Made It

#3. How's the Weather?

#4. You're Going to Like it Here

#5. Welcome to Our Pad

#6. We'd Like to Formally Welcome You

#7. Please Step All Over Me

#8. We're Down to Earth Here

#9. How are You?

#10. Let the Journey Begin


Custom Mats

These 10 mat sayings placed on the front entrance mat, are just some of the many ideas a retail business may have. The main idea here is to engage shoppers, so the retail store is distinguishable from other similar stores. These ideas could also include: designs, pictures,  logos, color patterns, or all of the above. Depending on the type of store and the boldness of their marketing strategy, these sayings could be: humorous, formal, simple, elegant, etc.

Front entrance mats are important, not only practically to keep the store clean, but also as a marketing tool to engage visitors and enhance their shopping experience. Retail stores that make this sort of unique mat saying effort, essentially, are imprinting their brand more deeply into their visitors' minds. This lasting effect should help them remember the store, and could even create a buzz from customers' pics shared to social media.



Retail stores should consider their entrance mats as marketing tools, in addition to being tools to trap moisture, dirt, and debris from entering the store. Entrance mats play a large part in influencing retail shoppers' first impressions and, ultimately, shaping their shopping experiences. Enhancing customers' shopping experience with a custom mat design, differentiates retail environments from other similar stores, which leads to higher sales conversions and lasting brand recognition.

Now that retailers understand how important mats are in their overall marketing strategy, they'll need to partner with a quality mat vendor with the capabilities and materials to make this happen. Mat Shop offers to be this quality vendor, and in the process of creating custom print entrance mats, retail stores can also get: anti-fatigue mats, mat runners, chair mats, door mats, and more. The options with materials, colors, and designs are endless with Mat Shop, and our customer service is second to none. You're welcome to find out for yourself by contacting us today. 

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