10 Businesses That Need Fire Resistant Mats

by Mat Summers:

fire resistant mats.jpgThe last thing businesses need is their floor mats catching on fire, yet businesses more prone to fire hazard issues still have needs for flooring mats. Flooring mats not only keep employees and customers' feet comfortable and clean, they also make commercial and industrial environments safer and more attractive. For businesses asking if they need fire resistant mats, let's examine these 10 businesses that need fire resistant mats.

#1. Restaurants

This business has a vital need for kitchen mats that provide great traction, don't slide around on the hard floor, clean people's shoes, and are fire resistant. Kitchens have ovens, burners, and even sometimes flaming dishes coming out of them – all good reasons to have fire resistant mats. Mat Shop has mats, specifically, designed for kitchens, even rubber mats that sanitize shoes with rubber bristles and have yellow borders for visibility.

#2. Food Carts

Large BBQ food trailers or food carts with flaming ovens inside, cooking and preparing food for customers, have serious mat needs. These cramped areas full of hot items, flames, and flying grease, need a heavy-duty, fire resistant mat; this mat also needs to be an anti-fatigue mat, so employees can comfortably work for hours at time. The last thing food cart owners want is a cheap mat that melts, catches fire, is hard to clean, is slippery, or not comfortable to stand on.

#3. Welding Shop

There might not be a business that needs fire resistant, anti-fatigue, traction mats, more than the welding shop business. With sparks flying throughout the day, everyday, and workers standing up most of the day, a quality fire resistant mat is vital. Mat Shop has mats, specifically, designed for these businesses, called: Interlocking Spark Resistant Anti-fatigue Welding Mats.

#4. Steel and Metal Plants

Anywhere steel is being melted, formed, and worked with, is a fire hazard. This type of business needs heavy-duty rubber mats with fire resistant and anti-fatigue features. The plant may need different types of industrial mats, as well, depending on the sections inside it; for instance, the electrical safety mat may be needed in the operational switch rooms, the welding mat around the machinery, and regular commercial mats along the hallways of the supply room.

#5. Manufacturing Plant

Anytime there's something being manufactured with machines, there's a fire hazard, thus, a need for fire resistant industrial mats to be around the work areas. Mat Shop's industrial mats are made for ultimate traction and comfort, which is very important when workers are standing for long hours along the production line. Heavy-duty rubber mats are fire resistant, non-slip, and are easy to clean.

#6. Bars/Night Clubs

This type of business might underestimate its need for fire resistant mats, opting rather to have a more aesthetically pleasing mat in the smoking area; yet, really, this business needs these more than most others. Plainly speaking, half drunk or fully drunk patrons, sometimes, aren't very careful with their cigarettes, which if thrown on top of some flammable material could prove to be the type of late night entertainment bar owners would rather avoid.

#7. Mechanic Shop

Auto, trains, planes, or any other mechanic shop has needs for fire resistant mats to work on. Workers not only need some comfort and protection from hard flooring surfaces, but also protection from any fire hazards created by the mechanical work. Many different machines, parts, and tools are used and worked with in this business, which could cause: sparks, melting, burns, and flames.

#8. Carnivals

Workers and business owners of carnival rides and food carts at fairs depend heavily on their mats. Their mats have to be: easy to clean, comfortable, easy to move, fire resistant, and able to provide good traction. These mats may have smokers throw their lit cigarette butts on them, be stored in extreme heat, or be placed around machinery or kitchen areas – all lending credence for their need to be fire resistant.

#9. Glass Blowers

This is a growing and thriving industry, where glass is formed and shaped with fire to make decorations, smoking pipes, art, etc. Maybe more than any other business, glass blowers need fire resistant mats in their work shops and areas.

#10. Energy Plants

Coal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro – are the main types of energy plants supplying energy to people around the world; where electricity is being created and harnessed, fire hazards are present. Mat Shop's non conductive electrical safety switchboard matting -- made from hardwearing and flexible PVC -- would be the best fit for this type of business. This type of fire resistant matting, along with heavy-duty rubber industrial mats, could be used in energy plants.


Many different types of businesses deal with fire hazards everyday in their work environments, so getting fire resistant, industrial mats makes good business sense. Many times, hot items, sparks, or flames first fall to the floor, so the mats on the floor need to be fire resistant, to avoid any burns on workers/customers or further damage from the fire.

Mat Shop has a great selection of industrial, fire resistant mats that are easy to clean and provide great traction; also, there are vertically designed mats for specific industries as mentioned above. The 10 businesses mentioned are some the of businesses that need fire resistant mats, and, really, shouldn't settle for anything less than the quality mats provided by Mat Shop.

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