10 Basic Tips on How to Care for Your Outdoor Entrance Mats

by Mat Summers:

outdoor entrance mats.jpgWell-maintained outdoor entrance mats will help keep unwanted dirt and moisture outside where it belongs. The safety of all who enter your building is one of your primary concerns when considering how to care for your outdoor entrance mats. The aesthetic value of a mat that is well-cared cannot be overvalued. You sure don't want anyone coming in out of the rain, transferring moisture, debris, and mud to the carpet, floors, or area rugs. If the moisture is not taken care of immediately, the next person who walks through the door may slip and suffer an injury that might land you in court. Mats designed to wick away excessive moisture, mud, and debris from being brought into the building need special care and attention if they are to do their task properly. Bearing that in mind, we have selected 10 basic tips on how to care for your outdoor entrance mats. Outdoor entrance mats love to get dirty. That is what they are made for. Dirty mats are an eyesore for customers, visitors and reduce the life of the mat. In this article, we will feature a few of the types of entrance mats we offer and some basic tips on how to care for them. The manner in which you care for your mat is most definitely dependent on its composition. A well-cared and clean outdoor entrance mat will capture more dirt than one that shows neglect.  

  1. The Diamond Pattern Entrance Mat with its well-thought-out diamond pattern was developed to capture large amounts of moisture from medium to high traffic areas. This efficient mat even cleans shoes from dirt and debris. With a rubber backing and a polypropylene surface, water becomes trapped and dries through evaporation. The best method to care for this type of mat is regular vacuuming and spot cleaning any spills or stains.
  2. The Coir Scraper Mat is a thick mat woven together with fibers from coarse coconut husk. Coconut husks are usually thrown away, making this mat a sustainable and environmentally friendly addition to your home or business. Daily care should include a powerful shaking away of dirt and debris. Remove mud with a scraping tool for a more thorough cleaning. Turn the mat upside down and ferociously pound out the excess dirt build up. Coir mats can be vacuumed and washed with a mild detergent. Coir dries quickly so no need to worry about mold.
  3. Similar to the diamond patterned polypropylene mat is the Premier High Traffic Eco-Friendly Commercial Entrance Mat. Designed to capture large amounts of dirt and debris in its herringbone patterned channels before tracking indoors. Simply vacuum the mat 2-3 times a week for general care.
  4. For lighter to medium traffic areas, we might recommend the PVC Loop Mat, designed to remove and trap dirt off shoes and light trolley traffic. The mat composition is made from an extrusion of PVC on top that bonds to a PVC non-skid backing. Fundamental to its design is its efficient manner of removing and warehousing dirt and debris. Like the coir mat, it can be turned over and given a good thrashing. This should remove most of the built-up dirt. The mat can then be hosed off and set aside to dry.
  5. If your entrance mat needs a stain removed, remember to use a blotting technique.
  6. It is perfectly alright to hose off water-resistant mats. Allow to dry before further use.
  7. Regular daily shaking and vacuuming will remove dirt and debris from your mats.
  8. Be especially diligent to sweep the surrounding area around your mat, not forgetting to turn the mat over and sweeping the underside as well. 
  9. Use a putty knife or some type of scraping tool to remove clods of dirt that may have become stuck in the fibers of your mat.
  10. Store outdoor mats properly when not in use. The goal here is to keep the corners and edges from unraveling, fraying, and becoming something for someone to trip over. Wrap your mat around a cardboard tube large and sturdy enough. Secure a bungee cord around the middle and both ends and store in a dry area, preferably up off the surface of the ground. 

The method you choose to care for your outdoor entrance mat depends on its composition. For questions or comments give us a call at 1300 628 746. We look forward to working with you.  Learn how to prevent  slips and falls 


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