Standing Desk Mats

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With health professionals and industry experts becoming increasingly aware of the risk of prolonged sitting, there has been a shift to a sit stand workspaces. As Tim Cook (Apple CEO) states ‘sitting is the new cancer’.

While the option of standing or sitting at your desk appears to be a positive move there are also risks associated with standing for long periods of time; lower limb muscle fatigue, varicose veins and long term back pain are the main health issues associated with standing. To avoid the long term effects of these degenerative issues it is important to use a standing desk mat when standing for extended periods of time.

This is because when standing on a hard or unforgiving surface your body weight applies pressure to your feet and restricts blood circulation around your body. Short term signs of damage occurring is aching legs, back pain, cold feet or even numbness.

The Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue mat is an ideal standing desk mat solution and is the best and comfortable Stand up desk mat available. The unique compound is ultra-resilient which allows the mat to retain its comfort forever and will not harden like rubber foams or compress over time. This means that when the weight is removed the mat resumes its original shape.

The buoyancy of the material naturally encourages you to transfer weight by sharing it across all parts of your feet and leg muscles. This promotes blood circulation through your feet and legs to assist in the prevention aching tired legs. The calculated density of the mats unique compound keeps your feet steady to prevent feet rolling or stain caused by other mats that are too soft underfoot.

standing-desk-mat.jpgThe best standing desk mat - Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat


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