Prevent Falls With Mats

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Prevent Falls With Mats.jpgWhether you own a restaurant, hotel, office building, or something else entirely, the last thing you want is wet floors causing patrons or staff to slip and fall. Not only is there a chance they could be injured, it's also quite likely that patrons may not return to your establishment, and staff may resign. After all, would you want to return to a place where you've fallen on wet floors?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent all of this from happening. By eliminating wetness before it becomes a problem, you can ensure your patrons' and staff's safety. Here are a few suggestions to prevent falls and slips on wet floors.

Have Cleaners on Hand

Make sure someone on your staff is available to clean up any wetness as soon as it occurs. The longer it's left unattended, the greater the chances someone could slip and fall. Having someone on hand to immediately clean up any dampness is crucial to ensuring it doesn't linger and cause problems for anyone.

Umbrella Baggers

Similar to the previous point, have someone on your staff ready to take umbrellas from patrons, and keep them in bags to prevent water from dripping onto the floor. Then simply retrieve them when the patron is ready to leave. Keep umbrella storage accessible but not in the way, and consider placing a mat on the floor beneath the umbrellas, to catch any wayward drips that may escape the bags or during storage and retrieval.


Wheel all trolleys through the loading dock. This ensures that they're less exposed to the moisture, thus minimizing the risk of them bringing water into the building. Also, if they do get wet, there's time for them to be dried off before reaching patron-occupied areas.


Make sure that bike racks are located in the car park. This ensures that bicyclists stay dry and don't track in extra moisture. It also gives them a chance to dry off a bit before reaching the lobby, thereby not spreading moisture into high traffic areas.

Raincoat Storage

A coat rack is a must for raincoats. Make sure it's easily accessible, but not in the way. Also, cover the floor beneath the rack with a mat to catch water as it falls from the coats, to ensure that it's not gathering on your floors. Too much water gathering can seep out into traffic areas, leading to slips and falls.


Finally, the best thing you can do to prevent wetness from causing slips and falls is to use adequate matting. Put mats in all traffic areas, and especially near exterior doors. They'll catch water and dry feet at the same time, eliminating any chance for injuries caused by wetness.

There are a wide variety of mats available. In this case, the best one might be an wet-area mat. Since it could be catching a lot of water, a water resistant mat will also ensure that they don't get waterlogged on heavily rainy days.

Wet area mats come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, so you can customize them to fit with your building's design. They're also available in both single, long panels, or smaller, interlocking sections; this allows you to get a custom fit, no matter how big or small your space is.

Rainy days don't have to mean mess or danger for your patrons and staff. With these tips, you can beat the weather and keep everyone safe and happy. Find the best measures to eliminate moisture from your building, and you'll never have to worry about the rain again.

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