Key Areas for Maintaining Commercial Building Appearance (Pt 2)

by Mat:

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A clean work space is vital for employee productivity to uphold customer satisfaction. Additionally, visitors will form a better first impression based on a well-maintained office area.

It is important to keep the central heating and air conditioning systems in excellent working condition. Work spaces that are too hot or too cold affect an employee's ability to concentrate on his work, therefore affecting its quality. Such temperatures will also cause discomfort to customers visiting the building. Malfunctions will occasionally happen, of course, but they should be fixed as soon as possible.

More than likely, office areas are going to be carpeted. It is just as important for these floors to be clean as it is for the lobby space. Spills and stains should be properly cleaned with office-safe products. Unlike the lobby area, carpets may occasionally tear or become loose, and these should be corrected quickly to avoid trip hazards for both employees and customers.

Paint covering the walls should be kept clean and fresh. This does not mean that the old paint has to be replaced with a new color every season - unless that is what the manager wants to do. All that is required is to clean any scuffs and paint over any scratches that may appear. Once in a while, old paint may begin to flake. At this point, it is worth considering repainting the entire office space.


While most companies do well at keeping restrooms clean, these areas are frequently overlooked for various maintenance and repairs. However, anyone who has visited a public bathroom with malfunctioning equipment understands the frustration from the inconvenience.

Building managers should make sure that faucets are frequently checked for water pressure and that they are operating as they are expected. Upkeep should also focus on whether the hot and cold water is at the proper temperature. The last thing a manager wants to deal with is a customer burning himself just by washing his hands! Any lime, mold, calcium, and rust buildup should be cleaned quickly and with the proper products.

Companies that use hand dryers sometimes forget that these need to be maintained, too. Once in a while they will break down, or they will not put out enough air to dry a person’s hands. Having a towel dispenser is sufficient backup for whenever this happens, but the dryers should still be repaired and kept in good working order. They also help reduce overall maintenance time and costs, as they remove the need for many towel dispenser refills.

Dining Room

Dining areas and break rooms are high-traffic areas that require regular upkeep. Besides keeping them clean, there are unique factors to consider while maintaining the space.

Any area of the property where snacks and meals are available should have separate containers for different forms of waste - recycle, paper, food, etc. This keeps the area cleaner while simplifying how waste is sorted before removing it from the premises. Containers should be periodically cleaned, ideally every time it is emptied. Soap and water and maybe some disinfectant should be used to reduce germ exposure and odors.

Most dining areas will include a variety of appliances such as coffee makers, vending machines, refrigerators, and freezers. Each of these requires its own maintenance checks and various forms of upkeep. Refrigerators and freezers may need parts replaced or cleaned, and they should also be cleaned out once a week, with any leftover food being removed. Coffee makers and vending machines need to bestocked regularly and kept updated. Any time expired food is found anywhere within the dining area, it should be removed and properly disposed.

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