Boost success with an eye catching floor covering at your next event

by Mat:

What role does an eye catching floor covering play in the success of your event .jpgIf you are planning on setting up a booth or display at an upcoming event such as an employment fair, trade show, or other similar function, you can greatly increase your chances of success by employing eye-catching floor coverings in your layout. A properly designed and installed floor covering will increase the flow of people to your booth or display, increase the vivacity of the staff manning your setup, and improve the overall experience of visitors to your booth or display by setting a theme.

A unique and catchy floor covering will increase traffic to your area.

Consider that in most events there are dozens and dozens of booths or displays set up. After a period of time, the people attending these functions tend to suffer from display fatigue and may not even notice your setup.

This is why many businesses pay extra for the spaces at the front of the entrance to the event. They know that they need a way to stand out so as to not melt in with the rest of the scenery, and they know that being in the middle rows increase the risk of being overlooked.

Fortunately, there are more ways than fighting for physical location to make your display or booth stand out. Keep in mind that most people tend to walk along with their heads slightly declined towards the floor. What better way to catch their attention than with a brightly colored floor covering?

You can design your floor covering to catch the eye and draw it upward to your display or booth. People will naturally funnel in to your booth where your event staff can then engage them.

The proper floor covering will improve your staff's ability to remain enthusiastic and friendly.

Of course, funneling people into your booth or display is only the first step. Once they are there, you need staff who are friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic. You can help them to maintain this air throughout the day by providing them with durable and comfortable flooring to stand on.

Standing up all day is a tiring exercise, and many organizations discover that, by the middle of the afternoon, their staffers are tired and disinterested. You can reduce the drain on your staff by replacing hard concrete or tile flooring with a comfortable mat.

Standing on a cushioned mat, instead of a hard floor, will help your staff conserve energy. Then, in the middle of the afternoon when other staffers are worn out, yours will still be fresh and enthusiastic. This will make a significant difference in the outcomes of the interactions between your staff and the attendees of the event.

Unique flooring helps you set the tone for your booth.

A booth should be an immersive experience, and that begins with the first thing most people will see: the flooring in front of the display.

Mat Shops has the production ability to provide you with flooring in almost any pattern or theme you could imagine. You can use this unique flooring to set the ambiance for your display.

For example, if your business specializes in swimming pools, you could have flooring designed to look like a cool, inviting, wading pool. Or, if you are a lawn care business, you can have flooring that resembles beautiful, freshly cut grass. Whatever the theme of your business, we can design flooring to match.

Whatever your need, Mat Shops can help.

At Mat Shops we specialize in unique and durable flooring. Come visit us, or give us a call, and tell us what you're looking for. We would be happy to help you come up with the perfect flooring to catch the eye, draw people in, and keep your staffers fresh and vivacious.

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