Matshop makes it easy to choose the right chair mat

by Mat:

Matshop have released a new video which we have embedded in this blog that makes it easy for you to make sure that you have the correct chair mat in place in your work area. By using the right chair mat at your workstation or desk this will ensure that you prevent the mat from cracking or splitting over time and also allow for ease of movement over the mat.

Following is a brief overview of the different types of chair mats that are available for a variety of carpet floors. Low Pile Carpet Chair Mats are ideal for use on direct stick carpets, this means that the carpet is stuck directly to the floor with an adhesive and usually does not have an underlay. This type of installation is usually used in very high foot traffic areas. The other common direct stuck carpet type is carpet tiles, carpet tiles are popular in commercial offices as an attractive and low maintenance floor covering. The second type of chair mat for carpet is Medium Pile Chair Mats. This mat has been manufactured for use on carpet and underlay up to 12mm thick. This type of carpet is the most common type that is used for offices throughout Australia. This involves a low pile carpet that is laid on top of a commercial grade underlay. Thirdly is the Thick Pile Chair Mats which are made to work on carpet and underlay up to 25mm thick. 25mm thick carpet is most commonly used in domestic or household environments however it is becoming more popular in commercial office environments.


It is important to make sure that when you are measuring the carpet thickness that both the carpet and underlay (if any) is included. This will ensure that you get the maximum life from your new chair mat and that rolling around on the mat is easy and requires minimal effort.


To view this video simply click here or view the embedded version above.

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