The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Logo Mat

by matshop:

2For the average workplace that sees employees and clients entering in and out of the office each day, there is more than half a kilo of dirt brought in per square yard every week. 70-80% of dust, grime and dirt in an office building is courtesy of what people bring in on their feet. This constant dirt can not only have a harming effect on health, it can quickly damage floors and carpets when not cleaned efficiently.

Entrance mats are primarily designed to reduce the amount of dirt entering inside a building. The main principles of an outdoor mat should be to:

  • Stop dirt and water at the door
  • Store soil and water for removal
  • Minimise the racking of soil and water into a facility
  • Provide a safe surface that is slip resistant and not a trip hazard

When purchasing an outdoor mat, these four main principles should be at the forefront. A mat should not only collect dirt, grime and water, it should hold onto it until physically removed. This will prevent dirt from edging into the building as the traffic over the mat builds.

An important factor of an outdoor mat should be it’s slip resistance. More than 30% of worker injuries are as a result of a slip, and falls are the second leading cause of accidental death. The average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000.

But what if you want more from your outdoor mat?

Whether you work in a retail store, a dentist, a manufacturing company or an accountants, a great way to get more from your outdoor mat is to have your logo imprinted on it. Custom logo mats not only serve the traditional role of keeping dirt at bay, they can boost branding and marketing value for your business.

The benefits of an outdoor logo mat include:

Protection of floors

When a customer or client first enters your office, what do you want them to see? A dirty floor or a sparkling clean floor? First impressions count, and collecting dirt at the door is an easy way to keep floors looking their best.

Name recognition

The more a company’s name is seen, the fresher it is in people’s minds. Brand awareness is a key element to any successful business and printing your logo onto your outdoor mat puts your brand right at everyone’s feet. Without knowing, they are viewing your logo again and again and keeping it firmly fixed in their memory. When a customer remembers your name, it’s likely they will become a repeat customer.

Attention to detail

Taking the time to print a high quality logo image on a custom floor mat shows you pay attention to detail, a trait many customers are looking for. By printing your logo on such a practical item, it also shows that you think smartly.


According to Progressive Shopper, 91% of shoppers select a store because of it’s appearance. Having something that makes you stand out from the rest or something that grabs the eye of passerby’s could be the difference between whether or not they choose your store or another.


Dust and dirt can be harming to health and when breathed into the lungs can cause pneumoconiosis diseases. An outdoor mat can help reduce the level of dust in a building.


Dirt and dust can wreak havoc with electrical equipment, and it is estimated that nine out of ten computer failures are as a result of dirt and dust. Heating and cooling systems can also be damaged by excess dust.

Ordering your outdoor logo mat

The outdoor logo mats offered by Matshop are suitable for both medium and high traffic areas and provide a clear logo finish. The imprint method is moulded into each mat in such a way that your logo will last for the life of the mat. Depending on what you require, colours can be limitless, allowing certain mats to reproduce a full colour photograph. Colour is strong and crisp, effectively highlighting your logo for the world to see.

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