The Benefits of Mats and Ropes Made From Coir

by matshop:

Most people are not familiar with coir, and yet it is used in everyday life to make mats, rugs, ropes and even mattresses.

Coir is a tough natural fibre and is made from coconut husks. The word originates from the Malayalam word kayaru, which means ‘to be twisted’, which relates to its characteristic which allows it to be twisted and weaved into shape.

White coir or fibre extracted from younger coconuts is excellent for weaving into yarn to make sacking, rope, mats or twine.  Brown coir is sourced from older coconuts and is stiffer and less yielding, and is often used to make sturdy doormats or mattresses.

Because coir is resistant to bacteria, fungus and moths, it is strong and durable and also very easy to clean. Simply give it a shake or dust it against a wall, and run a vacuum cleaner over it.  Its elastic quality means that it bends back into shape easily providing many benefits and very little maintenance.


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